3 Ways To Add Spiritual Practices To Your Business

13 June 2015
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In today's society, many people are beginning to look at life from a holistic point of view. This way of life can also be applied to your business endeavors as well. There are a lot of tips that you can keep in the back of your head, in order to incorporate more spiritual ideas into the way you go about your business. If you want to turn your business into a life adventure and self help lesson, read this guide to learn more. Read More 

Simple Ways To Get Your Corian Counter Top Looking Good

25 May 2015
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Corian counter tops are a popular and inexpensive plastic-based alternative to granite with a style that nearly matches it. However, it's not quite as sturdy as granite and there are a few maintenance and beautification procedures you should perform to ensure your counter top looks beautiful for years to come. Clean With Ammonia When your Corian counter top starts getting a little dirty, you may be tempted to just wash it down with hot water and soap. Read More 

Tread Carefully: Responding To A Family Member’s Flakka Trip

5 May 2015
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Designer drugs are, sadly, becoming more and more popular with young people. Flakka, a variant of bath salts, is the new "fad" designer drug arriving on the scene. The substance is extremely dangerous not only to the user but anyone who comes in contact with him or her. Family members living with a person high on flakka have to take very deliberate steps to deal with someone tripping on the drug. Read More